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Updated the link to “Cesar Millan Kicking Dogs” and thanks to Sally Bradbury for hosting it in her YouTube channel

Named changed to “Science and Dogs” to reflect the change made to the Twitter account several months ago.

My thanks go Ingram for informing me about Dutch magazine Froot.nl who have PLAGIARIZED my post, “100 years of breed improvement.” The Creative Commons already gives them permission to use the work as long as they add BY:Science of Dogs

I posted about Stereotype threat back in February because I thought the study was important. Scientific American finally got around to writing about it.

I wrote about pleiotropy and BRCA. A new paper from PNAS reports on the role of BRCA1 in regulating brain development.

Thanks to alert reader Harry who noticed some syntax errors in Real Intuition Requires Expertise.

Deepak Chopra caught using an employee to edit his Wikipedia page and lied about it.

Tired Dogs Make Dumb Choices explored how mental fatigue and self control can result in poor and or risky personal choices for dogs. A new study suggests being poor can also tax one’s mental reserves resulting in poor financial choices.

Should I fight for the girl?  Sizing-up the Competition: Factors Modulating Male Display Behavior During Mate Competition


I introduced (to this blog) the idea of evolutionary trade-offs and today a paper in PNAS explores the subject as it applies to flightlessness in penguins


Based on a re-calibration of polar bear evolution being pushed back from a few hundred thousand years to a few million years and some rough calculations, I suggested in a previous post that dog evolution would also have to be pushed back from it’s well accepted 15kya. A recent paper from PLOS reports that a 33 000 year old skull belonged to a primitive dog and not a wolf.


I missed a short introductory paragraph during the cut/paste transfer to wordpress of Lighting the Pathways of Reward and Punishment. The error has been rectified.


Thanks to a recent bout of creativity and study my rating is expect to rise to over 2200 again.


In Nature vs Nurture, I wrote about the false argument still being made by people who insist in creating false separation between ‘nurture’ and ‘genetics’. The paper of  Epigenetic Mechanisms in Learned Fear: Implications for PTSD from the journal Neuropsychopharmacology touches on this topic.


I wrote about oral bacteria in Are You Going To Kiss Me with that Mouth? and a recent paper from Genome Research brings more light into that subject. Over a 10 year period fraternal and identical twins had their oral bacteria sampled and the oral population of identical twins is similar to that of fraternal twins. And once they stop cohabitating the differences increase.


For the first time in this blog’s history I blocked a comment. Lee Charles Kelley commented on Hunting Wolves and Fractal Nonsense. Instead of addressing the issues, Mr. Kelley chose an insult filled personal attack.Meanwhile in his own blog, the hypocrite routinely deletes what he calls ‘rude’ comments. The comments made on my posts about  Cesar Millan and Brad Pattison show that I approve just about any comment.

I’m am not the first target of Kelley’s insulting personal attacks; in his blog and Behan’s blog he has insulted Dr. Roger Abrantes, Dr. Stanley Coren and Dr. Marc Bekoff. Since I’ve already noted Kelley’s intellectual dishonesty, I am not surprised that he is also a hypocrite.

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