What is Brad Pattison Training?



Brad Pattison demonstrating “street safety”

How many Facebook pages does one guy need?

I ask the question because Brad Pattison has set up yet another Facebook page. The list of pages now includes, the Brad Pattison [BP] personal page, the BP public page, the BP fan club page, BP K9 Rescue Team group, At the End of My Leash group, Puppy SOS TV group, Puppy SOS public page, Dog Rescue Vacations group, Dogland TV page and the latest addition being the Brad Pattison Training page.


He calls this a “facial correction”

Before getting to his new page, perhaps it’s wise to touch upon his last two failures; Dog Rescue Vacations and the related Dogland TV.

Brad Pattison's use of umbilical

Brad Pattison’s use of umbilical

Dog Rescue Vacations was Pattison’s attempt to monetize street dogs and get people to pay for his winter Mexican getaway. The choice to ‘rescue’ dogs in Mexico seems strange given his views about these dogs. The idea never took off. He managed to get one trip funded by his franchisees; he advertised for a second trip but luckily it never materialized and looks like he has abandoned this venture. The dedicated website no longer exists.

Brad Pattison's use of umbilical

Pattison claims this builds respect

With Dogland, Pattison again tried to capitalize on the suffering of street dogs and this time not just for beach money but as a way to get back on television.  His Indigogo campaign aimed to raise $300K. The public response was definitive; he raised less than 1% if his target.

Shame, it sounded really exciting. :/

Like Indiana Jones

Like Indiana Jones

So what is Brad Pattison Training?


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I couldn’t really tell you based on his introductory statement. He uses words but only to betray the English language; not to form complete sentences or present coherent ideas. I guess we’ll just have to look to his behavior to see what Brad Pattison Training is all about.

So what is Brad Pattison Training? 

I think the pictures tell the story.


Brave, brave man.

"A person must be willing to set aside ego to listen to the dog. " - is he listening the the dog struggling to breathe?

“A person must be willing to set aside ego to listen to the dog. ” – is he listening the the dog struggling to breathe?


17 thoughts on “What is Brad Pattison Training?

    • this jerk should be taken off the air.. ANIMAL Abuse! Are the owners STUPID? TO STAND AND WATCH THEIR DOGS BE JERKED OVER AN OVER BY HIS NECK? slapped across the nose…..this guy has anger issues he needs a leash on his neck.. I would love to snap it ..maybe he will get trachea collapse.

  1. I cannot believe these people still exist with all the science that prove their methods wrong! I can’t believe that people buy in to this stuff and are willing to treat their dogs like this. So very sad.

  2. I’ve not heard of a CTE–is this something that certifies trainers in Canada? I’m thinking that is where this guy’s from. I cannot find it on Google either.

    • It’s his “made up” certification that he charges people for. I’ve been told by someone that took the course (and has since left his organization) that he charges $7000 now.

    • Dog training throughout the world is not regulated. Anyone can create a “be a certified dog trainer” program and charge money for it. Yes, even the high school kid down the street.
      A CTE is a trainer certified through Brad Pattison’s program.

  3. This is unbelievably horrible. I got a knot in my stomach when I realized what was going on in the clips. Please expose this abusive fraud all you can.

    • He does bully the owners, and will even hit them. I know of one person who he hit, who was on his show, though they stopped filming after the second day because of the way he treated them and their dogs.

  4. Just came home from a day at a busy public dog show with my 9 month old pup. She was calm, social and friendly. I did have treats with me. I did give her some when other dogs charged her space and when one dog passed by lunging and trying to bite her. The owner of the other dog was correcting their dog.
    People can say that I use “bribes” if they want. My dog did amazing. The proof is in the pudding.
    Positive reinforcement works.

  5. There is a new book to be published on the 28th November called Primal Plus (teaching dogs to be good). Publishers are Austin Macauley London. I have rehabilitated dogs by using a sound, body language and movement. This technique I have called the Re-direct. I think all trainers who use punishments should read it and learn how to handle dogs properly. Patricia Neal

      • The million dollar question in dogdom has been; How to stop inappropriate and aggressive behaviours and change it into the correct behaviour without using punishments, gadgets, over domination etc and as quickly as teaching them to sit. This I have now achieved after 45 years in learning, researching and training them and 30 years of handling and rehabilitating aggressive dogs and cats. I have now mastered the art of handling dogs so I have written this book to pass on that information. The answer turned out to be incredibly easy and one which I was able to devise after studying wolf pack management. So many trainers and behavourists are nearly there but they have got bogged down with information overload. They are also convinced if they get only a little bit of improvement it must be right. We have a complex psychology but dogs do not, I use their way of communicating so they understand exactly what I am wanting them to do. My small book teaches you all that you need to know and do to nurture and train and to rehabilitate your dogs quickly and easily. You can now order the book from all good booksellers and from the publishers own website. Please let me know what you think of the book should you read it. kind regards Trish

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