Effin’ dogs!!!

I don’t which dog woke me up first; the one licking my face or the one licking my feet.

July and August have kept me unusually busy and I’ve had no time for blogging and a lot less for the dogs, but even under trying times I make time for the dogs. Typically we wake up at 6am which gives me 3 hours to play, exercise, train, feed and hang out before I head off. At mid-afternoon someone will stop by for a visit and at night we might go for a hearty constitutional.

Lately I’ve been working (dare I say it?) like a dog, and with all pressing projects finally finished I was hoping to lay down until moss grew around me. I got home and said hello to the dogs knowing they had been taken care of and had just came back from a walk – admittedly it was only a WALK, but still… After all greetings had been exchanged and once the excitement abated I sat to rest on the couch and fell asleep. I wouldn’t last.

I don’t which dog woke me up first; the one licking my face or the one licking my feet.

Sometimes if I stay still they’ll move on to something else but I was jolted into consciousness and I couldn’t fake it; once I had stirred the game was on. It wasn’t long until they were fighting for attention which I tried to ignore. Burying  myself deep into the corner of the sofa, hoping my non-response would make them go away.. but I knew it wouldn’t, and it didn’t. They weren’t going to give up; it’s my fault really. Since they were puppies I’ve trained them to work increasingly longer to get what they want, whether it’s longer and longer heeling patterns, playing tug-of-war like their life depended on it, or throwing their toys in the deepest snowbanks/grasses. Normally, I enjoy their persistence and intensity 99% of the time; occasionally it comes back to bite me. This was one of those cases.

Redoubling their efforts, one of the dogs tried to get some leverage by jamming himself between me and the chesterfield while the other stood on me using his snout to wedge me out of the corner.  Still, my will was holding steadfast until I felt another set of little paws on me. The Kitten had joined the action. I was beaten.


Who is yelling?

Wut??  Who is yelling?

What could I do? I couldn’t get angry because they wanted to play with me. I relented.

We put on some sport gear and headed out the door.  It was a cool evening so we went out for a 60 minute run putting away 15 km; stopped off by the park and played fetch, tug of war, did some bite work all interspersed with some obedience. 90 more minutes gone. Finally got home and where once I had been tired, I was now exhausted. Took out some semi-thawed meat for the dogs figuring it would keep them occupied longer than kibble, I filled their water bowls and once again collapsed into the couch. The sound of the feeding dogs began to fade from consciousness; eyes grew heavy and the darkness took me once again – for 15 minutes!!

I don’t which dog woke me up first; the one licking my face or the one licking my feet.

F***ing dogs.

5 thoughts on “Effin’ dogs!!!

  1. Hahahahahaha! I have been there…only difference is 4 dogs, 4 cats…gotta love ’em though…

  2. No wonder. Pushing them with activities such as fetch, which is altogether a bad idea since dogs don’t enjoy it but it permanently affects their adrenaline levels will make them like that. A 90 minute walk is more than any dog needs and it may make the problem worse.

    • I’m the one being pushed into activities they like: fetch, tracking, tug-of-war and there is nothing wrong with these activities. Their attempts to get me up has to do with my placement than anything; had I sat on the chess table, workstation, or library they would have rested quietly.

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