"Waiting Dog" by Ogata Gekko 
Ca. 1900.

One Step Forward. One Step Back.

I was still basking in the afterglow of 3 days of solid canine science yet I knew the feeling couldn’t last. The world of dog training lives in two worlds. One world is populated by people who study and understand science, who use modern methods and apply ethical standards to their interactions with our non-human…


What is Brad Pattison Training?

  How many Facebook pages does one guy need? I ask the question because Brad Pattison has set up yet another Facebook page. The list of pages now includes, the Brad Pattison [BP] personal page, the BP public page, the BP fan club page, BP K9 Rescue Team group, At the End of My Leash…

Canine Genetics Journal Logo

New Journal: Canine Genetics and Epidemiology

  There is a new peer-review, open access journal focusing on all things related to canine genetics and epidemiology.  Over this blog’s history I’ve had to mine everything from Journal of Nucleic Acid research to the Journal of Biophysical Chemistry, not publications one thinks of when the subject of behavior or health pop to mind. I think it’s…