One Step Forward. One Step Back.

"Waiting Dog" by Ogata Gekko  Ca. 1900.

“Waiting Dog” by Ogata Gekko
Ca. 1900.

I was still basking in the afterglow of 3 days of solid canine science yet I knew the feeling couldn’t last.

The world of dog training lives in two worlds.

One world is populated by people who study and understand science, who use modern methods and apply ethical standards to their interactions with our non-human companions. The other group lives in a world filled with folkloric tales handed down the generations,unchanged and unchalleged. That world has guys like David DiCarlantonio.

DiCarlantonio spews the same tired talking points we’ve heard so many times before: dogs don’t understand words, you need to dominate your dog…. blah, blah, blah.

Stop treating your dog like a human: Sudbury dog trainer

I never know what people mean by treating a dog like a human. I shouldn’t register them to vote? Don’t fill out a credit card application in their names? I am being facetious. I know exactly what they mean by it.

They mean to say that it’s ok to use force, pain, coercion to get the dog to do whatever you want. I’d have some respect for these people actually had the conviction to say what they really mean.

My dogs come when called from another room. My dogs understand OFF when I want them out of the couch/bed. Does yours? If so, then you are a better dog trainer than this “certified’ Sudbury dog trainer.

DiCarlantonio should forget about dogs and first seek humanity in himself.

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