New Journal: Canine Genetics and Epidemiology

Canine Genetics Journal Logo


There is a new peer-review, open access journal focusing on all things related to canine genetics and epidemiology.  Over this blog’s history I’ve had to mine everything from Journal of Nucleic Acid research to the Journal of Biophysical Chemistry, not publications one thinks of when the subject of behavior or health pop to mind. I think it’s a great idea having one journal dedicated to these subjects and all others they intersect.

The introductory editorial lays out their goals:

Two aspects are seen to be paramount for the scope and focus of this new Journal. Firstly, that the Journal should be open access, so it can disseminate research and knowledge to a wide, international readership. Secondly that it should completely embrace “public engagement with science”. There are many dog owners and breeders around the world committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of domestic dogs. Further potential readers include those who are committed to wildlife and conservation biology. This journal will provide an opportunity to bring scientists, veterinarians, dog owners and an interested general public closer together.

A good start to engaging a wider readership that goes beyond scientists is the inclusion of the “Lay summary” section, explaining the nature and importance of the study in a way that is not usually possible in an abstract.

I specially recommend – along with the editorial – the first two papers. If you are interested in canine health, they are well worth your time.

Approaches to canine health surveillance

Genetics of eye disorders in the dog