Cesar Millan Kicking Dogs

I’m a scientist, that means that I hate the censorship of ideas and it also means that I value legitimate criticism. Due to this recent article on the Huffington Post, National Geographic went on a rampage all over YouTube. Filing DMCA complaints against everybody and their uncle who wasn’t showing Cesar Millan in a favorable light.

It’s simple. Just because NG doesn’t like people criticizing Millan’s use of force against dogs, that doesn’t give them the right to take away their right to  express it.  A compilation of segments of a couple of seconds long does not constitute stealing.

In response, I am posting the video in RuTube and if that gets taken down there are other Chinese video sharing sites outside of NatGeo’s influence.

Video: Cesar Millan Kicking Dogs

4 thoughts on “Cesar Millan Kicking Dogs

  1. I watched the movie and did not see anything that is not taught in obedience classes today. When My dogs went to dog school, they used the same methods. The slam to the floor was very common, as was the choke hold and kick to the belly. It seems as the pit bulls and bulldog were acting strongly to his methods, as my Akita did to his trainer. I am surprised he does not get bitten more often. When I trained horses, we used the horse Whisper technique, rather than break them. Breaking them is exactly what happens too.

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